NOASKA unveils its first wines!

Clair, November 33, 2022 – The Coopérative forestière du Nord-Ouest ltée located in Clair, New Brunswick, announces the launch of a new assortment of haskap berry wines. For the first time in the Madawaska region, the wine industry will see four wines made from this fruit valued for its taste and nutritional qualities.

It is under the NOASKA banner and with the intention of having these wines on NB Liquor shelves in 2023 that they will be marketed from its boutique adjacent to its shop in Clair. With more than 7,000 bottles produced, the 4 wines were developed by experienced enologist Dominic Rivard with the help of Noaska winegrover Stéphane Nadeau and Mike Doucet from the New Brunswick Community College in Grand Falls. 

To launch its operations, the company will produce a dry red, a semi-dry rosé as well as 2 sparklers, 1 red and 1 rosé. These 2 sparkling wines consist in a mix of local haskap berries and apples.

« t’s a great day for us and the region since we are using a scarcely exploited local resource such as haskap berries to bring it to a level that will compete with grape wines. We have involved many experts in this new adventure to ensure success. We cannot wait for consumer reactions,” »

said Guy Paillard, director of the cooperative.

Inspired by its natural environment, the label of each wine represents the story of a species found in haskap berry fields. Thus, the fox, moose, owl and cedar waxwing will be used to distinguish all wine types of the NOASKA product range. By using black and gold on the labels, these wines will have a distinctive and attractive look which should make them stand out among consumers. The retail price is set at $18.50, which makes them affordable and accessible.

By having nature at the forefront of its wine identification strategy, the cooperative is winking at the wildlife diversity in its environment. The slogan, “NOASKA, good by nature!”, is also an expression of its attachment to this bountiful nature that contributes to the company’s success.  

“I am really proud and excited to have been closely involved in this project. The NOASKA haskap berry wines will be more than ordinary fruit wines since they will delight wine enthusiasts with their refreshing gustatory features, all year round. This product, which was created here, in the province, is making its appearance just in time for the holidays. It will bring a festive element to friend and family gatherings,” stated enologist Dominic Rivard.

Finally, an official launch will be held on November 3rd in Edmundston with dignitaries and members of the business community and of the public. Social networks and the company’s Website,, will help promote these wines. And this will not be the end for NOASKA since the company hopes to add more wines in the near future.  


About the COFNO and NOASKA:

The Coopérative forestière du Nord-Ouest ltée has been in existence since 2010. Located in Clair, New Brunswick, it markets haskap berry and maple products under the ExlPure® commercial banner and it is adding a new assortment of wines under the name NOASKA.

These wines are meticulously crafted with haskap berries grown in our fertile Acadian terroir and enhanced by the continental climate of the Upper Saint-John River Valley.


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