Changing the course of history

The Coopérative forestière du Nord-Ouest ltée was created in 2010. Located in Clair, New Brunswick, it markets haskap and maple products under the ExlPure® trade name and has added a new family of wines under the name NOASKA.

These wines are meticulously crafted from haskap grown in the fertile Acadian terroir and enhanced by the continental climate of the Upper Saint John River Valley.

How NOASKA came to be

Once upon a time there was a fruit that wanted to make itself better known.

Meanwhile, every day, many people were a bit disappointed not to find a locally made wine that could bring them a sense of satisfaction.

Many were looking in vain for a product with beneficial properties for both their health and the environment.

Until the day when a group of bold people decide to change the course of history by using this local vitamin rich fruit, with the appearance of a slightly deformed blueberry, and to highlight it in the form of wine.

After several moons, and thanks to sustained efforts, the valiant producers of this fruit manage to find an expert who will make a vinous elixir, good by nature.

Thus, this gifted oenologist produced much-anticipated wines through his natural allies: Jazzy, Baker Buck, Intrigue and Caprice.

These four followers from the animal kingdom, linked to the noble family of the NOASKA Kingdom, will not only please consumers but also allow them to discover a fruit that will become the pride of its province.

Its ardent defenders also plan to act positively towards nature by giving back some of its dividends.

This story is only the beginning of a great adventure that will bring other allies to join it so that the haskap can conquer the heart of lovers of good wines beyond the borders of this equally delightful province.

Our Team

Guy Paillard

General manager of the Coopérative forestière du Nord-Ouest for more than 12 years and now also responsible for the NOASKA division, Guy brings his expertise to the proper functioning of the organisation in management and operations.

This man, a lover of the great outdoors, nature and good haskap wines, is somewhat the guardian of the orchards producing the fruit behind our precious liquids! He is tirelessly keeping a close watch to ensure a bright future for NOASKA.

Dominic Rivard

Our oenologist and sommelier has over 25 years of experience in wine making and many other industry-related skills.

This globetrotter of winemaking, who now resides in Canning, Nova Scotia, brings a wealth of expertise and skills in the development of the NOASKA range of wines.

Dominic’s passion has brought him around the world, notably in China, Thailand, Chile, Hong Kong, the US West Coast and many places in Canada.

Now it is in Clair, New Brunswick that he brings his magic touch to our wines!

Stéphane Nadeau

Our winemaker, of “brayon” origins, has been working with the Coopérative forestière du Nord-Ouest ltée for over a year. Stéphane works in many facets of the organisation.

Stéphane brings his expertise tour our two divisions; ExlPure, which promotes the excellence and purity of local maple and haskap products and, through his know-how, in the winemaking of the NOASKA wines.

His assists our oenologist Dominic Rivard in the ageing of our wines.

Stéphane is at home in this Northwest paradise. He expects nothing less than having the NOASKA brand recognized and coveted around the world, and that it brings a sense of pride to the region and the province!

Paul Bélanger

As the old saying goes, good accounts make good friends. Thanks to our long-time accounting officer, the Coopérative forestière du Nord-Ouest certainly has good friends, thanks to Paul and his expertise.

He is an addition, even an asset and a major component of the COFNO and its ExlPure and NOASKA divisions. He never seems to shy away from rigorous work. His ability to juggle numbers on a daily basis is worthy of a mathematical prodigy.

If some people count sheep before they fall asleep, we suspect Paul of counting haskap berries. His administrative support and vigilance in managing our operations is an undeniable asset to the success of our organisation!

As a good accountant, he works hard, and it is fair to say that we can always count on him!